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Get the balance back with Spark Serenity.


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Welcome! I am Jenny and I would like to introduce you to Spark Serenity, a professional organising and decluttering services company based in Bristol, specialising in the phenomenal KonMari method of tidying. We cover the South West of England, and now offer virtual decluttering, so wherever you are in the World you know help is never too far away. We provide a non-judgemental, confidential, empathetic service to support you into perfect order, organisation and tidiness, bringing serenity and simplicity back into your life.


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Are you constantly feeling overwhelmed and everything is getting on top of you? Don’t know where to begin tidying up your home? Are you feeling stressed or anxious? Do you feel like you are constantly moving and rearranging things, but nothing you try seems to work, it’s just always messy? Are you in need of some decluttering services? 

We can help.

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Are you moving home, downsizing, retiring, have a new baby or just need help managing your home? Is the task so daunting you put off your move because it’s just too difficult? Do you crave a different life, but you don’t know where to begin? Does your home no longer work for you?

We can help.

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Is life getting harder and harder to manage? Do you feel as though you are constantly fighting fires and just can’t seem to get on top of things? Does everything keep piling up, making it even more overwhelming? Is your ‘To Do’ List out of control? Do you find yourself procrastinating?

We can help.

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“When you surround yourself with possessions that spark joy you’ll create a home and a life that you love” – Marie Kondo

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Our mission is to provide an environment that helps you thrive and live a life that sparks joy every day. To provide sustainable, environmentally friendly advice and solutions without having to sacrifice beautiful design. To lower waste and reduce consumerism.