Imagine how good life would be if you had all the time in the world to do what you want to do?

When you surround yourself in clutter you are actually creating stress.  It drains your energy and makes you feel overwhelmed and helpless, leading to embarrassment, anxiety and depression.  It makes it difficult to relax and unwind with mountains of things ‘to do’.

It can affect all aspects of your life, not just the immediately impacted environment.  It can affect your job, relationship, behaviour as well as your body and mind. The world is becoming more automated and convenient, but yet we are all suffering with just too much stuff.

Organising your environment is SO much more than tidying.  It gives you an opportunity to ‘reset’ yourself. It allows you to take back control and do all of those things you keep meaning to do but never have the time.  It is an opportunity to have a relaxing cup of tea in the morning without having to frantically search your whole house for your keys before you can leave for work.

It is about surrounding yourself with only things that spark joy, those items that you completely love and every time you look at you feel happiness.  Imagine having the time and energy to pursue new hobbies or spend some valuable time with your family without thinking about organising the growing ‘to do’ list. Find out more about what services we can offer you to help declutter your life. 

 “I love this part, when I can see your brain working. You just look at a room and can see exactly what will work and go completely into the zone.”

Here are some of the benefits you will achieve through gaining control of your life:

  • More time to do the things that spark joy – spend time with family, exercise, cooking or doing the hobbies you always dreamed of – you won’t be spending time organising and searching for things!

  • Surround yourself in things that you love – which will spread to all aspects of your life.  It will change the way you think about and approach life – you will clearly see what you need and what you love

  • Feel happier and more in control – you will no longer be surrounded by all that clutter and the growing ‘to do’ list

  • Show the best version of your house – be proud and never feel embarrassed to have guests over again

  • More energy – energy flows around your home, it can do this a lot easier of there isn’t clutter blocking its path – your brain will work better!

  • Better health – feel lighter, sleep better, reduce anxiety, stress and depression and feel more energised.  The air will feel fresher and brighter. Your mind will feel clearer. Have time to take that walk or cook delicious, nutritious food.

  • Reduce hazards – ensure your home is a safe haven for all occupants, without things to trip over or dodge all the time

  • Create space – reduce the volume of stuff and reclaim space you never knew you had

  • Save money – you will shop less as you will only bring things into your home that spark joy.  Things will start coming to you as you need them.

  • Better at making decisions – you will become proud and confident in all decisions as you get to know yourself better

  • Treat your things better – and in turn you will get treated better

  • Reset your life – you will identify the true cause of the clutter and be better equipped to deal with this head on