The Paradox of Choice – how too many decisions are paralysing us

“Wow!”  I said walking into one of the many, many ice cream parlours opening up across the City.  “Look at all these flavours, I can’t wait to try them!” I love ice-cream.  I also love trying new things, so when the first ice cream parlour opened in my City I couldn’t wait to try it out.  I walked in to the shop, specifically designed to excite (insult) all the senses [...]

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Spring has sprung, yay!

Hard as it is to believe with the snow still on the ground, but spring is officially here (or so Facebook told me this morning).  Thank you Facebook, I'm not sure I believe you, but good effort in trying to make me feel warm again.  And as we all know, with the onset of spring comes spring cleaning.  I can hear you all cheering with joy.  What fun! Also, as [...]

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