Hard as it is to believe with the snow still on the ground, but spring is officially here (or so Facebook told me this morning).  Thank you Facebook, I’m not sure I believe you, but good effort in trying to make me feel warm again.  And as we all know, with the onset of spring comes spring cleaning.  I can hear you all cheering with joy.  What fun!

Also, as is the trend of having a dedicated days for literally everything (National Burger Day anyone?  No, just me then), National Spring Cleaning is now upon us, so we should all be following the official ritual of cleaning.

The origins and timescales for spring cleaning varies by which country you come from and which religion you follow, but the bottom line is that it is a very good practice to undertake.  It is more prevalent within countries that suffer from cold (freezing!) winters, and as the air starts to get warmer we can finally brave opening the windows again to let the winter must and grime out of our homes.

I love spring, days get longer, weather gets warmer, animals are born and things start to bloom and grow, and it feels like anyone can reset and start again.  A chance to brush off the cobwebs, open the windows and make a refreshing change, not just to the obvious bits that look dirty, but to everything in your life (especially under the fridge, good luck!).

Declutter first!

What better way to start your big spring clean than by decluttering?  By discarding your unnecessary possessions, those that do not spark joy for you, it will be so much easier to clean and manage (all year round) as you will not have to move things from one place to another or clean around them.  You will have less stuff and that means it is easier to manage, perfect.  It also means that once your house is super clean you will also only be surrounded in items that you love and make you happy, imagine how good that will feel!

Why spring clean?

By properly spring cleaning your home you bring energy and light back into it.  It has been completely shut up all winter, collecting dust, stale air, bacteria and who knows what else.  Energy flows throughout your home and by keeping it all shut up you are preventing this flow, which has impacts on all aspects of your life.

There are a lot of benefits to organising which can be found here, but here are a few highlights for you:

Motivation –  Clutter weighs you down, it makes you feel stressed.  Along with the winter cold and darkness it completely zaps your motivation.  Spring and cleaning energises you and you will get your mojo back!

Health – Are you embarrassed to have people over?  Do you feel lonely, depressed, anxious and stressed?  Decluttering and cleaning will help you feel good and proud of yourself and will allow you to not feel ashamed to show off your home to your friends and family.

Cleanliness – Having clean, sparkly, shiny, beautiful surfaces which are clutter free will be a joy to use and look at.  You will clear out those nasty invisible bugs hiding everywhere and feel great.


Change – When decluttering and cleaning why not also move some furniture around?  Don’t just accept that how it is is how it should be, experiment with things, you never know, you might like it!

Freedom – Feel accomplished and free.  Let the piles of clutter go and you will feel like you can accomplish anything, and not have guilty feelings every time you look at something that you ‘should’ do.  It’s amazing what this does for your mentality.

What should I spring clean?


You can spring clean your clutter, your finances, your digital footprint, your photos literally anything can benefit from having a good organise and sort out.

What are you waiting for?

So declutter, put some music on, have a little dance and start feeling really good today!  If this all sounds a bit crazy or overwhelming then get in touch, I can definitely help you bring order and organisation into your home.

If you have any questions on decluttering this spring then please leave a comment below.