The Pursuit of Busy-ness

I am soooooo busy! How many times have you heard this phrase?  How many times have you heard this phrase today?   Busy-bragging Being busy, or ‘busy-bragging’ is an epidemic.  Constantly stating that we are so busy is now part of our core language, something to wear as a badge of honour.  It makes us look important.  I’m sorry I haven’t seen you for 2 years (even though you only [...]

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Decluttering for death, addressing this difficult topic and getting organised early

Have you prepared for your own death? Have you even thought about it? Nobody likes talking about death.  No one likes thinking that they are not actually going to live forever and one day they may have to face the inevitable and shuffle off this mortal coil for good. In a world of excess, where we accumulate more and more stuff throughout our lives, when we die something has to [...]

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Spring has sprung, yay!

Hard as it is to believe with the snow still on the ground, but spring is officially here (or so Facebook told me this morning).  Thank you Facebook, I'm not sure I believe you, but good effort in trying to make me feel warm again.  And as we all know, with the onset of spring comes spring cleaning.  I can hear you all cheering with joy.  What fun! Also, as [...]

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