“I couldn’t have done this without you.”

clean side board with no mess or need to tidy up, just a few household object

“Jenny from Spark Serenity is an inspiration for anyone looking to change their lives and make their house, work space or apartment work for you and make you happier! Spark Serenity will change your life and your approach to how you keep and store your things. I know where all my stuff is now – whether its in cupboards or which storage box contains those keepsakes you want to revisit. It has undoubtedly helped take a level of stress out of my life.

Jenny will talk you through what you need to do to achieve your goals. She tailors her advice and method according to your wishes. But the principle remains the same – she will make your life easier, happier, less stressful and give you more free time to do the things you want to do.”

Mike, Bristol

“Jenny came to help me de-clutter, sort through paperwork and pack, prior to selling our family home of eight years.

After moving into our rented property, she also helped unpack and completely organise effectively the kitchen. Having never come across the KonMari Method, it has totally revolutionised my life and way of thinking.

I worked as a professional musician for many years and ran my own ensemble. Being naturally quite a well organised person however, I found that once I had children and with the inevitable life changes that brings: More stuff, more to do, less time, it was easy for things to get out of control and for clutter to accumulate.

At what was a very vulnerable time for me, Jenny came in and offered a huge amount of support, both on a practical & emotional level: She worked highly efficiently and with her professional, calm, friendly and non-judgemental demeanour, together we overcame the bulk of the clutter and I have to say, even had fun and a laugh doing it.

I now feel inspired to continue de-cluttering and tidying up whilst setting up the new home and reading Marie Kondo’s book “Spark Joy,” with a view to adopting her method for life!

Meanwhile, I have asked Jenny to put her accounting hat on and help with my spreadsheet, budget and financial forecasting, which she says is another big passion of hers.”

Alex, Bath
a tidy, clean and organised desk with some household objects
a bright, tidy and organised kitchen side with lots of clean plants

“I am naturally organised, I like things to have their place and I can’t fully relax in an unorganised home. Imagine my horror when I start to unpack in the beautiful kitchen that helped sell me our home only to find a ton of gorgeous but totally useless storage. In the stress of moving I just unpacked in a hurry and two years on things are still not working for us.

I spend most of my time in our kitchen but the lack of thought around where things were stored was causing me daily frustration and I wasted a lot of time looking for things in our very deep drawers.

I was excited to get this task started as I knew I’d be happier with a more organised kitchen but I just didn’t know where to start. So I asked Jenny to help me with tidying up and reorganising, she bought fresh eyes and energy to the task at hand and made me comfortable during the whole process.

She helped me declutter the kitchen, everything she said was professional, encouraging and made total sense. It’s not easy to be objective about your own stuff that has emotions attached to it and without Jenny I wouldn’t have achieved the same result.

Jenny was able to assess the storage and made some amazing suggestions about how to move things around in order to get the best out of the existing units. I thought this was an impossible task and was considering changing the whole kitchen. Well, I’m so glad I didn’t, it would have been very expensive and unnecessary as I now have a working, logical and organised space.

Due to the reorganisation and now that everything finally having its place, the kitchen looks consistently tidy and beautiful and since Jenny left, I have spent even more time in our fabulous kitchen doing the things I love.

Jenny made the experience liberating, uplifting and efficient. Thank you.”

Jemima, Bristol

“You’re like a magician”

“Jenny taught me SO much in just a few hours. She was sensitive to my situation and really helped me downscale the huge amount of stuff in my family home. I recommend Spark Serenity to everyone!”

Ruby, Bristol
a window sill with a few household items, clean and bright
an organised bedroom, with tidy pictures on the wall

“I am a full time working mum with many balls in the air and I never seem to get everything done. Since having my baby, all of my time is concentrated on her and I am never able to get to the pile of stuff to do. This pile then becomes really scary and daunting.

Until Jenny entered my life

I was quite anxious to start with, embarrassed that I had let some things get out of hand and was half expecting to be reprimanded and told off. This wasn’t the case, at all. Jenny has been so nice, helpful and non-judgemental, offering words of encouragement and suggesting better ways of tidying up and dealing with ‘the stuff’. Once started it was quite liberating! Why was I holding on to all of this stuff that I didn’t buy, don’t use or even like?

Jenny helped take the guilt away of admitting that I didn’t actually like things, or want them in my home. Rome certainly wasn’t built in a day, but with Jenny by my side I am confident that I can conquer my fears, get rid of my guilt and get my home working for our family.”

Zoe, Bristol

“Jenny has been working her magic at my flat which has little to no storage. I have been living amongst a lot of clutter and Jenny came in with fresh eyes and identified how this could be remedied. She suggested an action plan so that I can going forward, organise my space and time more effectively. We have got rid of the majority of the clutter, which I thought might be quite hard to let go of, but has actually been very therapeutic and liberating!!

For the first time in years I have a clutter free living space. I highly recommend Jenny’s service for anyone looking for help tidying up and wanting to get back a relaxing home environment.”

Julie, Bristol
a bright clean apartment with lots of hanging plants in the living room

“Jenny helped me organise my flat which was totally overrun with clutter and nowhere to store it. I was embarassed living like this but Jenny never judged me and was sensitive to my situation. By the end of our sessions I had reclaimed my flat as somewhere to live and enjoy rather than being stressed and overwhelmed by the mess. I highly recommend her services whether it be tidying up a whole property, a room or just sorting paperwork (our biggest achievement)!!”

Julie, Bristol

“Spark Serenity really did help me find my way through the mess! Kudos to Jenny for her encouragement and dedication to getting some clarity in my home and in my life. Jenny takes a professional caring approach to an emotional process, helping you see your way clear to let go of that which no longer serves you in a sensitive yet definite manner. If you’ve wondered how to really “Kon-Marie” your life, but realised you might need some extra help with the process, then I can highly recommend enlisting Jenny to ensure you go through the stages of tidying up efficiently and effectively.”

Emily, Weston-s-Mare
 a bright living room with no mess, just plants, seats and sofas
 a bright living room with no mess, just plants, seats and sofas

“I have told many people how happy I was to receive help from Jenny. I have ADHD and I was really struggling, but she got me on track for a big house move. Very gracious, very encouraging. Thanks, Jenny!”

Alan, Bristol
 a bright living room with no mess, just plants, seats and sofas

“Like a lot of people I watched the Netflix series and decided I definitely wanted to Kon Mari my home. After hitting a rut in my tidying journey I called Jenny who was fantastic at getting me back on track. Her ideas and suggestions were so helpful and made all the difference. We also managed to sort my entire kitchen in 4 hours – it would have taken me days without her. I am loving my home! Feeling overwhelmed and down about clutter and mess is a thing of the past. It really is life changing! Thank you so much Jenny! Anyone who is feeling stuck or not brave enough to make a start, Jenny has got your back and is there to hold your hand. Give her a call and start loving your home and feeling the joy!”

Clair, Bristol

“I was in dire need of help to organise a storage unit I had to rent for all of my clothing and household stuff that was originally kept in my basement.  It was such a massive task that I could not face it alone so I searched for a professional organiser and chose to contact Jenny from Spark Serenity.  I am so glad I did as she was very understanding, down to earth and friendly.  She made an impossible task possible by dealing with one item at a time with me so I wouldn’t become overwhelmed or emotionally incapacitated.  Her patient, kind approach gave me the confidence to come face to face with my clutter and sort things out and uncover lost treasures as well as discard unwanted or un loved items.  Against all the odds, Jenny truly ‘sparked’ the organiser in me by supporting me to move from ‘out of control clutter chaos’ to me being back in control of my personal belongings.  Awesome service!  I highly recommend Jenny at Spark Serenity”

Sandy, Bristol
 a bright living room with no mess, just plants, seats and sofas

Is life getting harder and harder to manage? Can’t seem to get on top of things and they keep piling up, making tidying up even more overwhelming? Is your clutter getting in the way of you living the way you want to live? We can help, find out more about what services we can offer you here.